Обновление Stream Vision - датчик движения + баллистический калькулятор

Обновление программного обеспечения для приборов и прицелов, поддерживающих платформу Steram Vision. Доступно с 9 января 2018 года.
Добавлено: обнаружение движения и баллистический калькулятор. Не забудьте обновиться!
Доступно для: Digisight Ultra, Photon RT, Digiforce RT, Ranger RT, Forward F

Yukon Digest


MerryChristmas & Happy New Year

MerryChristmas & Happy New Year


Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is proud to announce the launch of a new update for the Stream Vision Application, a comprehensive tool for live video streaming and device remote control.

The new update v.3.0.0 brings extra functionality to the app making it more user-friendly and versatile. Two new features are available: Motion Detection and Ballistic Calculator.

Motion Detection allows the user to automatically detect a moving object in the field of view of an optical device. User is free to select detection accuracy based on object size and type of detection notification – sound or vibration. It is important to immobilize an optical device for enhanced accuracy.

The Ballistic Calculator allows the user to determine exact ballistics for accurate shooting. The function offers setup of preferred parameters for the bullets and cartridges, and current weather conditions to hit the target even at a long range. The Ballistic Calculator is intended for use both with Pulsar riflescopes and other riflescopes too.

The new update features great performance and improve user experience.

To learn more please follow the link:


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